About Us

“Pi Technologies” is a privately held company founded in 2009 specialized in Information and Communications Technology to provide the private and public sectors with professional software solutions and training suits.


“Pi Technologies” is established to be a worldwide known Technology Oasis.


“Pi Technologies” aims to

  • Provide all ICT sectors with professional, robust, and integrated solutions.
  • Provide all NON-ICT sectors with automated and easy-to-use solutions to cover their IT needs.
  • Provide comprehensive training programs for ICT / NONICT, Public / Private Organizations and individuals in various areas.

Our Values

Customer Satisfaction
We deliver customer satisfaction; we accept expanding of customer expectations and work hard to meet these expectations. We measure customer satisfaction by customer loyalty

Filling the Gaps
We take the responsibility of filling gaps, and work on finding applicable solutions for real problems, reaching guaranteed uniqueness.

New added values
No product without added values and no work is done without innovation. We work on producing like no other, transforming innovation into products

We value people
We treat each other with high respect and appreciation. We are committed to openness and trustful relationships

PiTechnologies Company Profile