HTML, CSS, and Apache Web server (12 Hours).

  • The meaning of web servers and HTTP requests
  • Web servers types and categories
  • Apache web server installation and configuration with PHP
  • Introduction to HTML
  • CSS
JavaScript (12 hours)
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • JavaScript basics
  • JavaScript programming elements
  • Main objects
  • Events
  • Browsers and Windows
MySQL (12 Hours)
  • Database Concepts
  • MySql Tools
  • Backup and restore
PHP (24 Hours)
  • Introduction to PHP programming Language
  • Deference between server side and client side programming
  • PHP syntax
  • embedding HTML in PHP and vice versa
  • PHP variables “rules and passing “
  • PHP operators
  • PHP conditional statements and loops
  • PHP Functions “built-in function , Function declaration and calling PHP arrays “types , built-in functions”
  • PHP OOP concept
  • Form element “Letting user work with data”
  • Using PHP with MYSQL
  • Validating user inputs
  • PHP e-mail and secure e-mail
  • PHP filter
Material Format
  • PDF copy of presentations.
  • Hard copy of Lab-guide.
Future courses
  • Advanced PHP Development.
  • Web Designing.
  • Ready CMS (Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress).
Case study
Trainee should be asked to create a dynamic website for shop offers web applications.
Web application would contain the following features:
  • Shop registration
  • Shop profiles contain locations, keywords and type of services.
  • Current offers