Introduction to Cloud Computing (6 hours)

  • Grid Computing vs. Cloud Computing
  • Types of cloud systems
  • Cloud services
  • The hidden cost in cloud
  • Security issues
  • S/W development in the cloud
  • Clustering
  • Virtualization

Linux administration (24 hours)

  • Introduction to Linux Operating system
  • Linux Kernel
  • Portability
  • Working with command line
  • Administration Tasks
  • Configuration files

Ubuntu Cloud Enterprise (24 hours)

  • Eucalyptus cloud server components
  • How to install?
  • Hypervisor Configuration
  • Eucalyptus Network Configuration
  • Eucalyptus Command line management
  • Eucalyptus monitoring
  • Creating images for Eucalyptus
  • Interacting with walrus

Working with Amazon Cloud (6 hours)

  • AWS services
  • Working with AMI
  • AWS Management

Material Format

  • PDF copy of presentations.
  • Hard copy of Lab-guide.

Graduate’s job profile

Cloud computer track’s graduate shall

  • Excel in working within IT and has expertise in best practices within medium to large enterprises across various verticals as well as with private cloud infrastructure.
  • Be capable of analyzing customers’ existing IT infrastructures and planning strategies and timelines for implementing private clouds as well as migrating existing infrastructures.
  • Be able to define specifications for operating systems applications, modifying/maintaining existing
  • applications, and designing, installing, maintaining, and administering infrastructure including hardware, software, and various configurations based on specific business/user requirements.
  • Evaluate, analyze and create battle plans for prospective customers for private cloud
  • implementation/migration.
  • Train engineering team in maintenance on existing operating systems and hardware.
  • Evaluate, engineer, test, recommend, and implement secure cloud infrastructures.
  • Act as expert resource for infrastructure troubleshooting
  • Monitor overall performance of infrastructure once implemented to identify potential issues and fine tune accordingly
  • Investigate and resolve system problems and system performance.
  • Provide ongoing information to leadership, customers and peers regarding IT and cloud developments.
  • Be responsible for implementing and maintaining High Availability and DR solutions for SaaS platforms.
  • Establish best of ITIL and Release management standards for SaaS
  • Ensure overall systems meet all hardware, software standards.
  • Participate in architecture discussions

Cloud computer track’s graduate shall have

  • Deep understanding of Cloud Computing technologies, business drivers and emerging trends including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS
  • Experience with server virtualization at a large enterprise, knowledge of virtualization technologies in both the server (VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Eucalyptus) and the network
  • Experience and deep knowledge in server virtualization technologies such as consolidation, live migration, high-availability, disaster recovery with proven hands-on experience.
  • Strong understanding of enterprise applications, such as database, ERP, CRM, etc.
  • Extensive knowledge of enterprise server-side technologies (Linux, Windows Server, Unix, MySQL)
  • Experience with various monitoring tools and performance measurement tools.
  • Knowledge about infrastructure design and implementation with an architectural background

Future courses

  • Security in Cloud Computing system.
  • Google App Engine.

Case study

  • CS#1: Trainee will be asked to construct a Linux system with certain specs contains users, groups and permissions on certain files and directories. He would be asked to generate number of reports illustrating the performance of the system as well as users activities.
  • CS#2: Using Eucalyptus, Trainee will be asked to get all the required tools, techniques and knowledge to build cloud with predefined specification determined on the design document which will be delivered in the class.
  • CS#3: Using Amazon cloud system, Trainee will be asked to create 10 instances of his working machine on AWS with predefined system configurations.