Pi-Technologies provides various training programs for different categories in different fields

Companies Training

Pi has its own predesignated training program prepared specially for companies staff. Our aim is to produce and deliver training that is informative, enjoyable and directly relevant to the needs of your staff and business. With an emphasis on partnership, our approach is to involve you in all aspects of the development, production and delivery of an in-house training program to produce an appropriate program to effectively meet the learning needs of your business and staff.

The stages of our training and development process

  • You submit a training request or complete comprehensive training needs analysis guided by one of our experienced program developers, we discuss your requirements further and fully identify your training needs.
  • We agree on program content in response to your request, or following the training needs analysis, we produce a comprehensive course description. Modifications (if any) are agreed and the detailed content is then approved by you.
  • We produce a detailed proposal based on the agreed content we then deliver a detailed proposal including dates and costs.
  • We develop the program our team of experienced program developers develop the agreed program including any bespoke materials, case studies and exercises – involving you in all stages of the process.
  • We deliver the program our highly experienced technology and business trainers travel to the location of your choice and deliver a participative and enjoyable program that precisely meets your needs.
  • We conduct post training review a comprehensive course review is conducted in order to assess training effectiveness
Finally, the training process is done using One You Five We strategy

Postgraduates Training

  • Pi offers training programs for post graduate educational organizations, universities, and institutes
  • Pi offers the training programs for graduates to fill the gap between their skills and market needs.
  • Pi also provides vacancies in leading companies and well established organizations.

Undergraduates training

As an essential part of our mission. Pi is trying to increase the level of students' responsiveness to the accelerating business requirements. That is why Pi offers training courses for faculty students in order to prepare them for the strong competition after graduation.

Training curriculums