Embedded Systems Development (ESD) provides portfolio of training programs containing a various libraries and development tools such as software engineering, real time design, real time operating systems, numerous application based on different platforms (micro-controllers, DSP, and ARM based kits), device drivers, tooling, modeling and VLSI design.

We are looking for sharing our knowledge with the Embedded System Community, so ESD staff offers diplomas and tutorials.

The following is the content of Level One ESD diploma


Introduction to Embedded Systems (4 hours)

  • Examples of Embedded Systems
  • Embedded System Characteristics
  • Hardware Fundamentals: Processors, Memory, Bus, etc.
Embedded Software Engineering (4 hours)
  • Software development life-cycle
  • Software development models

Embedded Software Development (12 hours)
  • Software Fundamentals: OS, Application Software.
  • Memory management
  • Cross platform development (Hosts and Targets)
  • Introduction to C programming
  • Advanced C
Real-Time Design (6 hours)
  • Scheduling Techniques.
  • Rate Monotonic Scheduling.
  • Priority Inversion.
  • Task synchronization and Inter-task communication.

ARM processor Architecture (6 hours)

  • System architecture
  • Modes of operation
  • Instruction set
  • Demos and simulators

ESD Smart Kit (18 hours)

  • Introduction to micro-controller.
  • Micro-controller architecture.
  • Micro-C libraries.
  • Input modules (Switches and Serial Communications)
  • Output modules (LEDs, 7 segments, LCD and H-bridge module)
  • Demos (Motor speed Control, Counting, Blinking, Moving Text, ...etc)
  • Project.



ESD Smart Kit